Set First Name Letter As Profile Picture On BuddyPress/WordPress Sites

Not everyone has a Gravatar account and not every user uploads avatar on your BuddyPress community website.

First Letter Avatar 2

In this lesson you will learn how to say good bye to mystery man and automatically use first alphabet of user’s name as profile picture in your BuddyPress powered WordPress site or regular WordPress site. 

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar is the new WordPress plugin that automatically sets custom avatars for users with no Gravatar and no profile avatar uploaded on BuddyPress networking website. The avatar used by the plugin is the first letter of the users’s name.

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar 2

The plugin is based on WP First Letter Avatar plugin which provides you same functionality for WordPress powered websites.

The plugin includes a set of beautiful, colorful letter avatars in various sizes. Optimal size is chosen by the plugin to display high quality avatars.

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar 1

By default, the avatars is shown only on users having no profile image loaded but the plugin allows you to change this setting and disable Gravatar profile pictures completely on your website.

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