For Better View Suggest Your WordPress Site Visitors To Use A Modern Web browser

WordPress is becoming advanced day by day. Sometimes it happens with the people using an old web browser, they doesn’t get a real symmetric view of your website, navigation becomes difficult and questions rises in their mind about your website. So for avoiding this you can automatically suggest your readers to switch to a modern web browser.

Stop Oldies is brand new WordPress plugin, you may also call it Stop Internet Explorer or Block Internet Explorer because that is what it really does ;-)

Block Internet Explorer 1

It simply detects if a visitor is using some old version of Internet Explorer and then it suggests him to upgrade to recent Web browser like Google Chrome, Opera , Mozilla Firefox etc.

Block Internet Explorer 2

Install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Stop Oldies and block the versions of Internet Explorer as shown in the given screenshot. That’s all you have to do.

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