How To Stop AdBlock Software Used By Your Website Visitors ?

Better Stop AdBlock is free WordPress plugin that automatically detects if any of your website visitor has AdBlock software enabled. In-case AdBlock is enabled and working then this plugin shows-up a notification which only disappears after the AdBlock is disabled. You can setup the notification message in the middle of the page according to your dimensions. OR Alternatively you can submit a picture and redirect your visitor after a set interval of time.

Installation & Usage: Simply install and activate Better Stop AdBlock plugin then visit your admin area Dashboard -> B.Stop AdBlock page and set the options. Checkout its live demo here.


  • The notification message momentarily disappears after you press the button that is enabled when it has finished counting down the time you have set.
  • The notification message disappears only by disabling AdBlock or reactivation of javascript.
  • Ability to set the time before redirecting the visitor.
  • Notification message can be customized with HTML and writing (so LInk payment and other).
  • Notification message with customizable image.
  • You can choose which way you want to get (image or text) your visitors to disable AdBlock software.
  • Text Editors WordPress, with full functionality.
  • To turn off or reset the default options you can delete the contents of the boxes INPUT.
  • Link to Image staff instead of text.
  • The plugin works even if the visitor has Javascript disabled.
  • Close button lock customizable.
  • Link title customizable to redirect visitors.
  • Time changed to disable the lock temporarily.
  • Possibility to change the color of text, and make the Background + / – transparent.
  • Translation ready. Italian and English for the moment. You can translate in your language.

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