How To Make Whole BuddyPress Network Private Excluding Front Page ?

Make all your BuddyPress powered community private. You can select which pages you want to exclude from protection so that only selected pages come visible to logged out users. For example: If you run a blog within your BuddyPress site then keeping only your blog public and other things private is possible or you want to make only registration and home pages public so that people can come in and join your site without seeing what is happening there inside.

I read many article for doing this plugin but most of the articles were written for the search engines no for the readers. Making your BuddyPress site is very easy. Its a job on steps clicks:

  1. Install and activate Private BuddyPress
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Privacy and select the pages you want to exclude.
Private BuddyPresss Pages Inclusion and exclusion

You can select from Front page, Blog pages (posts, archives and non-buddypress pages) and Registration. Now next time a non registered user trying to visit your site’s private pages will get redirected to login page.

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