How To Enable Under Construction Mode For Logged In WordPress Users?

There are many WordPress users who run private blogs and websites which means content comes visible only for logged in users. Same is with BuddyPress, it is now used by various companies, organisations etc for running private networking websites.

Today a user at asked us how he can enable under construction mode message for logged in website users, he is running a private BuddyPress website and content is available only for logged in website users. The problem is most under construction and maintenance mode plugins works for logged out users whereas logged in users can still browse the website.

Here comes the use of Under Construction plugin by Nitin Maurya. The plugin allows you to enable maintenance mode message for all registered and unregistered users of your website. It allows you to enable under construction mode and set a custom message in one click. Even if you like you can display your Facebook & Twitter profile links after your maintenance mode message.

How To Use This Plugin? Simply install and activate Under Construction plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard and navigate to ‘Under Construction’ page (from the left admin menu).

Under Construction ‹ Internet Growth Engine — WordPress

Now select ‘Set Under Construction’ option to ‘Yes’. Type in your message, select a font, custom text size, add your social URLs (optional) and save changes.

That’s it, maintenance mode is now activate for all users (logged in & logged out) of your website.

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