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How To Display The ‘Read More’ Button On All WordPress Posts?

In the previous lesson, you learned about displaying the ‘Read more’ button on any blog post on your WordPress Website. Now if you have so many posts and you want to automatically show excerpts i.e. ‘Read More’ option then that also can be done.

Navigate to Plugins -> Add New page on your admin area and search for the Easy Custom Auto Excerpt‘ plugin and install and activate it.

Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Excerpts page and select your options such as after how many words or paragraphs you would like to display a ‘Read More’ button, the color of the button, whether you like to display it only on the home page or other tags and category pages too, etc.

After selecting your options, save the settings and your website would start showing excerpts with a ‘Read More’ link instead of whole posts.

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