Top 3 Modal Box Login Plugins For WordPress

Modal login is a beautiful feature, you must have noticed on Twitter, clicking a Twitter profile open a popup with a close button and no lightbox overlay, that is called a modal box. In this tutorial we are sharing a list of three modal box plugins designed for logging in to WorPress dashboard. You can use in your WordPress installation so that whenever your users try logging-in, they see a modal box instead of getting redirected to default WordPress login page.

Ajax BootModal Login

WordPress modal login, poweres by bootstrap and ajax. you can use this plugin for better login/registration and show user profile with beautiful shape.

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SimpleModal Login

SimpleModal Login provides a modal Ajax login, registration and password reset feature for WordPress and utilizes jQuery and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin.

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WP Modal Login

A highly configurable and versatile modal (pop-up) login form.

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It creates an easy to use login form that will display a pop-up window (modal window) for easy login, user registration or reset a password all from the front-end of any website. Can easily be managed using a custom widget, shortcode generator or you can use PHP to insert this plugin into any custom area of your theme.

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