How To Encourage Proper Citation Of Your Articles In WordPress?

Everybody likes proper citation of their links but in general other website owners simply insert links instead of giving a proper citation. Here’s the solution, you can encourage your readers and help them know how to cite your articles correctly on their websites.  Cite is the new WordPress plugin that lets you display a box at the bottom of each article showing the reference information. The box can be inserting using the shortcode [cite] inside your posts, pages and other custom post types. See it live working here.

How To Cite WordPress Plugin?

Install and activate Cite plugin. After activaton visit your admin area Dashboard -> Cite page any reorder the variables as per your like. Finally save the settings and use the shortcode [cite]in your articles, wherever you like encouraging proper citation.

After adding the shortcode, the box will automatically appear after you posts as shown in the above given screenshot.


  • Simple & lightweight
  • Dynamically generate tags such as site name, post title, permalink, last accessed date
  • Works in all major browsers – IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • Add to any page using shortcode [cite]

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