How To Enable Inline Preview In WordPress?

Instead of opening post preview in a new tab everytime, you can add an on request inline preview next to the post editor. Inline Preview, a free WordPress plugin by Christopher Finke simply adds a live preview slide next to post content text area.

Inline Preview

The preview slides up as soon you click the ‘Preview’ button and it can be closed by clicking the small ‘x’ on top right corner of post preview box.

How To Use Inline Preview Plugin In WordPress?

Install and activate Inline Preview plugin After activation visit your admin area dashboard and compose a new post, click ‘Preview’ button and you will be noticing a box sliding on the right side, showing you the live preview of post you are writing.

Inline Preview 1

Click the ‘x’ button for closing your post preview.

Previewing your post in a separate tab can be slow and adding a live preview box can take a lot of your useful space. But Inline Preview solves these problems, it shows you the preview only when you need it and that also without taking you to a new screen or tab.

How To Preview Posts in New Tab (When Inline Preview Plugin Is Active)?

Inline Preview is fast and time saver feature.

Although its presentation is awesome indeed but not everytime you like previewing posts in a small section.

You can preview posts in a new tab by right clicking the ‘Preview’ button and selecting the option ‘Open link in new tab’. This opens up your post preview in old default style i.e. in a new tab (even if the inline preview plugin is active).

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