Easily Take Simple Notes On Your WordPress Posts And Pages

Now you can keep simple notes for your posts in WordPress from post edit screen. WP NoteUp is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a simple metabox on every post edit screen, there you can keep up simple notes. 

Start by installing ‘WP NoteUp’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page or open any old post to edit.

Scroll down and you will be noticing that the plugin has added a new metabox ‘NoteUp’. On this metabox you can type-in any text and it will be automatically saved when post is saved, published or updated.

WP NoteUp

If your post edit screen is not showing ‘NoteUp’ metabox then make sure ‘NoteUp’ option is checked in ‘Screen Options’ dropdown (visible on top right corner of post admin page).

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