How To Add A Secondary Title In WordPress Posts & Post Types?

The tutorial explains you how to add a secondary title in your WordPress posts, pages and other custom post types. Secondary Title is a free plugin which enables secondary title field for posts and post types in WordPress. Unlike to subtitle plugins, it prefixes or suffixes secondary title with main post title which looks something like this: “This is my first blog post: Hello World!”. You can either use this functionality sitewide or enable it only for selected post types, categories or only on some specific posts.

How To Add Secondary Title In WordPress Posts & Post Types?  3

Install and activate Secondary Title plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new title field below main title fields present in post edit pages. The plugin provides you set of options you can manage from Dashboard -> Settings -> Secondary Title page. Here you can select the post types where secondary titles should be activated (select none if you want to use it on all available post types).

How To Add Secondary Title In WordPress Posts & Post Types?  1

Another option allows you to select categories for which secondary titles should be activated. Here also you can select none to use all available categories. You can also limit secondary title functionality for certain posts and pages by adding their IDs on post IDs box.

How To Add Secondary Title In WordPress Posts & Post Types?  2

Default format for title and secondary title is %secondary_title%: %title% which shows prefixed secondary post title on main post title but you can change this format by interchanging variable locations and using your own heading tags in between. Use %title% for the main title and %secondary_title% for the secondary title.

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