How To Use Custom Comment Form Title On Per Post Basis In WordPress?

In general most WordPress themes uses “Leave A Reply” as comment form title which is good but sometimes bloggers like using some other custom titles and for that they dig into their theme files. You can better engage your website visitors and initiate their discussions with more meaningful titles in default WordPress comment forms, created on a post-by-post basis! This tutorial is on two good WordPress plugin with which you can edit comment form title more easily with better options.

How To Edit Comment Form Title Sitewide?

Popular Automattic plugin, Jetpack by also provides you the option to edit ‘Leave a Reply’ text sitewide. So if you are a Jetpack user then first make sure you have comments module activate and then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussions page, scroll down to ‘Jetpack Comments’ section and you can edit the default comment form title by using other catchy words to motivate your readers to comment.

How To Edit Comment Form Title On Per Post Basis?

Another good plugin is Custom Comment Form Title plugin, you can quickly change the default title to something more engaging, then set a custom comment form title on a post-by-post basis to really engage your readers. You can ask a compelling question, a question related ti your post content, you can make a bold statement, or leave an empty threat or say whatever you want.

To start simply install and activate the plugin. After activation visit your admins area Dashboard -> Settings -> Custom Comment Form Title page and set custom comment form title, this is for default sitewide view.

Now secondly, you can use a custom comment form title on per post basis. Yes, after activation, another thing this plugin does is that it adds a meta box on add new/edit post page from where you can Custom Comment Form Title functionality for individual posts.

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