How To Add Post-It Notes For Writing New Blog Posts In WordPress ?

Easily add a Post-It Notebox after Add New /Edit post pages in WordPress admin area dashboard. You have the option to show Post-It box on both Add New / Edit posts and pages.

All you need is install and activate Post-it for Writers plugin and then follow two simple steps:

Step-1 Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Post-It page and write anything you want to show in post’s Add New and Edit Pages, then click Save button. See following screenshot:

Post It Notes For WordPress 1

You can switch to rich text editor or HTML mode. Use check boxes to set Post-It Note display in post, page or both.

Step-2 Now visit Dashboard -> Add New Post page, you will find your notes at the bottom of the post box, as shown in the following screenshot:

Post It Notes For WordPress 2

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