How To Leave Sticky Notes For Other Users In Your WordPress Site?

You can leave sticky notes anywhere on the frontend of your WordPress site, you can tag other users and communicate with them by means of these sticky notes, you can leave your suggestion (tagging author) for improving any post or page, you can add notes for bettering the website’s layout, content and theme etc. WordPress Sticky Notes simply allows logged in website users to compose and stick notes anywhere in WordPress, the notes are only visible to logged in users and yes, site admin can set the capabilities for the user roles to create, view and edit these sticky notes.

WordPress Sticky Notes is a great plugin for multi-user WordPress site running on team work. The plugin adds a simple button on frontend with which only users with appropriate permissions can create and stick notes to any page on any position.

[note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffcc00″]


Main Features:

  • Create and stick note to any page on any position
  • Add note to exact location of problem or some issue
  • Tag users on a note with @ and target note to specified users
  • Automatic email notifications are send to tagged-in users
  • Easily control issues and communicate by inline note editing
  • Set permissions to roles or users with custom capabilities: read, create, edit
  • Communicate between website administrator and developer by simple notes ( tasks )
  • Simple URLs used inside notes are automatically parsed to clickable  links
  • You can use Ctrl+S shortcut for saving notes

How To Use Sticky Notes In WordPress?

Install and activate WordPress Sticky Notes plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> WP Sticky Notes page and set user permissions for reading, creating, editing and deleting the notes.

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Use left ‘Groups’ dropdown for selecting the user role and right ‘Capabilities’ box for choosing the selected user role permissions.

Now, save the settings and visit the frontend of your website. You will be noticing two buttons sticked to the left on your website.

For adding a new note click the plus button (it opens up a small post-it like note), type your text and drag the note to desired position (you can place it any where like on sidebar, content area, header or footer, over a widget etc).

Click the check button (or CTRL+S) for saving the note.

[note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffcc00″]


The note will only be visible only on the page where you have placed it (and not everywhere on your website). You can create multiple notes on a single page, you can tag users in them by using @username.

For deleting any note, click the x button present on its top right corner. You can show/hide notes on a page by using the second button present below the plus button on the left of your screen.

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