Display Random Surprising Quotes On Your WordPress Site

Quote This plugin allows users to call random quotes using quote_this() function, [quote-this] shortcode, or Quote This widget. Suppose you have written an article on literature then you can use this plugin for displaying random quotes related to literature inside your article.

Using this plugin you can show quotations on your WordPress blog in one of the following three ways.

  1. Using Quote This Widget  in your site’s widget areas.
  2. Using quote_this() template tag for your theme template files.
  3. Using [quote-this] shortcode for adding it inside your posts and pages.

You can select one of the above methods for displaying random surprising quotes in your website, inside your posts or as widget. Widget allows you to set parameters like Art, Life, Film,, Friendship, Individual, Literature in a dropdown box but while using shortcode you can set parameter like this [quote-this type=”film”].

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