Image Credits – Display Source Name, URL Fields And Credit On WordPress Media Uploads

It is easy to display credit and source URL while explaining something taking content from other website. But in case of images, default process increases few or more steps. This tutorial is bout adding source name, URL fields and credits for media uploads on your WordPress website.

New WordPress plugin makes it easy. So first of all install and activate Image Credits. With this WordPress plugin you easily add source name URL and image credits on images you add in your blog posts and pages. Internet world is not for hiding content and all intelligent website owners appreciate when their website is mentioned somewhere or their content is used for providing something better to netizens and it is good to provide source URL and credit for the content you use from other’s website,  this way you give link backs to original content creators and it benefits both of you.

Image credits given by this plugin appears at the bottom of the post which gives really nice look and doesn’t disturbs your content by any how. Hence you can freely use your captions and other text on any side of your image, this feature makes this plugin different from other image credit plugins out there.

You can use its shortcode shortcode [image-credits] or PHP function (in your theme) get_image_credits(); for displaying credits for all the images used within a post entry, including featured post image.

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