How To Set Custom Background Images For Individual Posts & Pages In WordPress ?

Now you can easily set custom background images in your individual blog posts and pages. For example: suppose you are writing something about yourself in your blog’s About page then you can add your image or the image showing you working on your laptop etc can make your page more attractive and beautiful.

First install and activate WP-Backgrounds Lite. This plugin adds a metabox in admin area’s Add New/Edit post pages. Using this metabox you can upload a background image from your computer or you can use it from your media library. See it working here – InoPlugs Demo Website.

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The plugin also provides you some customization options which you can access from Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Backgrounds Lite page. Its main features are:

  1. Set fullscreen background images for posts and pages
  2. Apply a link to each background image (only boxed themes where the contentcontainer doesn’t cover the whole screen)
  3. You can deactivate WP-Backgrounds Lite for certain pages and posts
  4. Compatible with all major browsers like IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other modern browsers.
  5. Can be used with nearly every theme (premium and free ones). For the most themes it works out of the box (i.e. for TwentyTen or boxed themes). A z-index and a background color option helps you to adjust the background/content layer z-index and the body background color.
  6. Vertical & horizontal image centering
  7. Small fingerprint, only a few kb filesize
  8. Translatable – supports mo/po files
  9. Easy installation, works out of the box
  10. User friendly ajax option page
  11. Option to adjust the background image layer z-index, the content container layer z-index, the body background color, the content container id/class and the content container position.

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