Display Quotes, Testimonials And Other Rotating Content Snippets In WordPress

Flexi Quote Rotator is a popular WordPress plugin you can use for displaying quotes, testimonial and other rotating content snippets in different ways (widget, PHP Function or Shortcode) and using different styles in your WordPress based website.

Installation & Usage:

First of all install and activate Flexi Quote Rotator plugin in your WordPress site then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Tools -> Quotes and add new quotes and author.
  2. Now you have to visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Quote Rotator and your styling, fade, symbol and other customization options

After making your customization you can use this plugin in three different ways:

  1. Add Following given shortcode to your page or post content:
    [quoteRotator title="{optional title}" delay="{delay in seconds, optional}" fade="{fade-in duration in seconds, optional}" fadeout="{fade-out duration in seconds, optional}"]
    e.g.1: [quoteRotator]
    e.g.2: [quoteRotator title="Testimonials" delay="8" fade="4" fadeout="2"]
  2. You can also insert a template tag in a template file:
    quoteRotator({optional title}, {delay in seconds, optional}, {fade-in duration in seconds, optional}, {fade-out duration in seconds, optional});
    e.g.1: <?php echo quoteRotator(); ?>
    e.g.2: <?php echo quoteRotator("Testimonials", 8, 4, 2); ?>
  3. Or simply use its widget from your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page.

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