WP Elegant Testimonial: Display Professional & Colorful Testimonials Via Shortcode In WordPress

Using WP Elegant Testimonial you can show testimonials inside your blog posts and pages. The plugin is easy to use and you can insert testimonials without any limitation on number of testimonials you display on a specific page or post. You can insert as many testimonials as you want using shortcodes.


  • Display professional testimonials on a WordPress post/page
  • Create colourful testimonials with no technical knowledge
  • Embed beautiful testimonials to increase your sales page conversion

Installation & Usage: Install and activate WP Elegant Testimonial. After activation visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New  (Alternatively you can also create a new page from “Pages->Add New”).

Now embed the following shortcode on your new post/page you just created:

[wp_elegant_testimonial name="Customer Name" company="Customer's company" text="Customer's testimonial" image="Customer's image"]

Remember to replace each parameter with your customer’s information. For example: name=”customer’s name goes here”, company=”customer’s company goes here”, text=”customer’s testimonial goes here”, image=”customer’s image goes here”

That’s all. You can embed as many testimonials you want using the above shortcode with you custom parameters. For detailed documentation please visit: WordPress Testimonial Plugin page

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