Best Hello Dolly Like Plugins In WordPress Plugin Repository

If you are bored from Hello dolly then here’s a list of other plugins you can use for displaying random texts in your WordPress admin dashboard, even some plugin’s works outside the dashboard too.

  1. Diplay Star Wars Quotes – Install and activate May The Force Be With You plugin.
  2. Quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci – Install and activate Hello Da Vinci 
  3. Display Random Success Quotes – Install and activate Success Quotes plugin.
  4. Quotes from the Stargate franchise – Install and activate Stargate Quotes plugin.
  5. Random quote from Charlie Sheen – Install and activate Charlie Sheen Quote Generator plugin.
  6. Geeks Who Love to Hate Lord Vader – Install and activate Hello Darth plugin.
  7. A line from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – Install and activate Make It So plugin.
  8. Random lines from Star Trek: The Original Series – Install and activate He’s Dead, Jim plugin.

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