Display Live Notifications When New Comments Are Made In WordPress

With live notification toaster for WordPress you can automatically notifies all online users on your website whenever any new comment published. 

Live Comment Notification Toaster plugin allows site admins to activate live comment notifications for posts, pages and other custom post types. Notifications are displayed at the bottom of the screen (just like Facebook notifications) and you can set it’s visibility time.

Make sure comment moderation is turned off for this plugin to work well.

Start by installing Live Comment Notification Toaster plugin in WordPress

Live Comment Notification Toaster 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Toaster Notification’ from the side admin menu.

Live Comment Notification Toaster 2

Now enable the plugin and tick the post types where you like enabling live comment notifications. You can set a custom visibility time for notifications and make notification links to open on a new window.

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