Export & Sync Comments Between WordPress And Disqus Comment System

Earlier we have discussed about installing and configuring Disqus comment system in your WordPress site. We have also discussed about resolving the width and CSS issue that shows up on some WordPress themes when used with Disqus.

Now the next big issue experienced by new Disqus users is exporting old WordPress comments made with native WordPress comment functionality to Disqus commenting system.

So in this lesson we will show you how to export WordPress comments to Discus comment systeom. We will also talk about snycing comments between Disqus and WordPress so that you can download your Disqus comments and store them locally in WordPress. 

Start by visiting your admin area Comments -> Disqus screen

Now click ‘Plugin Settings’ link on the top right corner of your screen, scroll down to ‘Import and Export’ section and click ‘Export Comments’ button.

Export Import WordPress Disqus 2

As soon you click this button, it starts to show you processing notification (via AJAX). It takes some time and exports all your old and local WordPress comments to Disqus.

You can leave the settings page and it keeps running in the background, once export is finished; an email notification is sent by the plugin to admin’s email address.

Export Import WordPress Disqus 1

Another button ‘Sync Comments’ allows you to do the opposite, it will download your Disqus comments and store them locally in your WordPress installation.

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