Monetize WordPress Comments Section And Display Different Types Of Advertisements

MonetizeComments, a new WordPress plugins allows blog owners to easily monetize comments sections using various types ad-display techniques.

Using MonetizeComments you can easily monetize comments section. It provides you with following features:

  1. Allows your readers to Like and Dislike each comment.
  2. Provides Social log in features via Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Use various ad networks for serve them simultaneously.
  4. Provides statistics showing ads you have served in comments section.
  5. Top Comments section displays most Liked comments on top of this section.
  6. MonetizeComments and web service associated with it are free for all publishers.
  7. Provides you total configuration settings and can you can display as many ads as you like.
  8. You can display banner ads from major publishers like Adsense, adBrite, Chitika, Clicksor, 7Search
  9. Publishers can easily set up unlimited number of sites to their MonetizeComments publishers account.
  10. Provides you various ways of serving ads to your visitors using keyword-detect, form overlay and in-stream etc

Installation & Usage:

Visit, signup by filling the required information, verify your email address and visit here Follow on screen instructions and after your website is added you can configure your ads and other options. For detailed information on usage visit here.

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