How To Completely Get Rid Of WordPress Comments In One Click?

We have posted a lot of tutorials on customizing the default functionality of comments in WordPress. Like you can enable email notifications only on comment’s reply, you can selectively apply no-follow link relationship for WordPress comments,  turning off comments notifications from reaching your inbox, paginating WordPress comments, how to feature or bury comments in WordPress, disabling comments by referrers and there are many-many more tutorials you can search here. Today in this tutorial we will tell you how to completely disable WordPress comments feature in a click of a button.

No Comments is the new WordPress plugin that lets you totally gets rid of comments. All you need to do is install & activate it and that’s it. Upon activation the plugin disables all WordPress comment forms globally on your website.

Most of the WordPress users like disabling comments only on pages, for that you can use No Page Comment plugin. This plugin works differently, it disables comments by default only on new pages and custom post types, while still giving you the ability to individually set them on a page or post basis.

The plugin has two options, either you can disable comments and trackbacks by default on all pages and posts or you can set them active by default and disable them on specific pages. Keep in mind that there is no specific configuration option to allows comments and trackbacks to be active by default on posts while disabling them on pages or any other post type.

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