Create Attractive Announcements And Display Them On Multiple Locations In WordPress

Announcer, a free WordPress plugin allows you to display awesome announcements, welcome notes, greetings, events, news etc using attractive style, colors, themes and enables you to position them anywhere on your WordPress site.

Announcer 5

You can float it on top or bottom or to a custom location on your website, enable close button, make it static, place it above your post title, or display it manually on your theme by using its PHP template code. See it live working here.

Using Announcer In WordPress:

Announcer 1

Install and activate it in your WordPress site. upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Announcer and then click ‘Create New Announcement‘ button.

Announcer 2

Now name your announcement. It provides you rich text editor for comping your announcement. You can enable announcement close button, define time range and select a position for displaying that announcement.

Announcer 3

Scroll down to set location rules, you can use custom colors, style, intro effect and set duration time in seconds.

Finally, when you are done with the options, click ‘Update’ button to make your announcement go live on your website.

Announcer 4

You can easily disable or delete announcements from your admin area dashboard Settings -> Announcer page by clicking the ‘Delete’ link (appears on mouse over).

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