Now Easily Create & Organize Documentation For Multiple Products In WordPress

Organized Docs is the brand new WordPress plugin you can use for creating beautifully organized documentation for multiple products organized by product and subsections within each product. After activation the plugin activates a new new post type ‘Docs’ in WordPress admin section. You can create documentation for multiple items like multiple software product and organize them neatly, by product. Its main admin section page (Dashboard -> Docs -> All Docs) lists all your products. Clicking on each product directs you to the docs only for that particular product. You can organize your products into subsections and they lists each individual article in that docs section.

Screenshot showing all docs list admin page:

Screenshot showing showing product:

Screenshot showing single docs post with Table of Contents:

Single docs have a Docs Table of Contents widget which shows a nice Table of Contents for docs pertaining only to the product which this current single doc belongs to. Find complete Setup Instructions Here and Documentation Here.

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