Create Large Numbers Of Posts Or Custom Post Types From One Admin Screen In WordPress

Bulk Entry is the brand new AJAX powered WordPress plugin you can use for creating large number of posts quickly from one admin area screen. Simply install and activate it. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Bulk Entry and select a status (published, draft etc) and a post (blog post or any custom post type) and click GO button.

It instantly displays a new text editor for you to create a post. Create your posts and click Save button, now you can view that post or go for further editing in main text editor etc.

Everything gets done by AJAX which saves a lot of time and it never shows any kind page loading browser refresh for any of its operations so you can quickly and easily create a number of posts from the same screen.

Main Features:

  1. TinyMCE visual editors
  2. Custom Post type support
  3. Custom post status support
  4. AJAX powered
  5. Validates against Coding standards
  6. Checks Capabilities and Nonces for security
  7. Filters for adding and saving extra fields

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