How To Change Custom Post Type Icons On WordPress Admin Menu?

There hundreds of plugins that allows you to register new custom post types, some plugins automatically provides you post types made for specific purposes like news, blog and events etc and some plugins enables you to manually register your own custom post types but there is no custom post type plugin that lets you manually edit the post type icon that appears in dashboard’s side menu. In this tutorial we will show you how you can assign or edit post types icons, the best thing is you can edit all custom post type icons no matter if that post type is registered by a plugin, a PHP hack or you have manully registered it.

How To Edit Custom Post Type Icon?

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Install and activate CPT Custom Icon plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> CPT Custom Icon page and you will be seeing a list of all custom post types you have on your website. Now all you have to do is click ‘Choose Icon’ button on any post type, choose an icon from the popup and click the ‘Save Changes’ button. That’s all.

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