Convert Native WordPress Commenting System Into Live Discussion Functionality

Now you can easily transform your WordPress native commenting functionality into AJAX based live discussion system.

WP Dialogue is the new WordPress plugin that uses all native features of WordPress commenting system and converts it to live and hence there are minimal chances of breaking on theme updates. See it live working here

Start by installing ‘WP Dialogue’ plugin in WordPress

Live COmmenting

Once the plugin is activated, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Discussions page to select your configuration options:

  • Uses WordPress’s Native Commenting to provide the functionality
  • Fully Customizable to match your theme’s design
  • Simple layout and easy to use for both administrator and users
  • Multiple settings available to enable & disable features of the plugin
  • Converts replies into mentions
  • Customizable email template for mentions
  • Live comment feeds
  • Instant alert on new comments posted by other users
  • Allow users to comment without forcing them to create an account
  • Options to make compatible with Bootstrap 3

There are plenty of options you can select from. When you’re done, open any single post page on frontend and test the working.

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