Boost Up Your WordPress Site Search With Better Functionality And More Control In Three Easy Steps

Add more features and more control over default WordPress search. Search Everything, a WordPress plugin increases default search functionality of your WordPress site in three easy steps.

  1. Install and activate this plugin.
  2. Visit your Dashboard->Settings-> Search Everything.
  3. Set the simple configuration settings. Click Save and that’s all.
It also offers a preview search button that you can use before saving your settings. It also offers a reset button. Following are the search features that you can add using Search Everything:

Basic Configuration Features:

  1. Search every draft (YES/NO)
  2. Search every author (YES/NO)
  3. Search every excerpt (YES/NO)
  4. Search every tag name (YES/NO)
  5. Highlight Search Terms (YES/NO)
  6. Search every comment (YES/NO)
  7. Search every attachment (YES/NO)
  8. Search comment authors (YES/NO)
  9. Search every custom field (YES/NO)
  10. Search custom taxonomies (YES/NO)
  11. Highlight Background Color (YES/NO)
  12. Search approved comments only (YES/NO)
  13. Search every category name and description (YES/NO)

Advanced Configuration – Exclusion:

  1. You can exclude Categories from search results.
  2. You can add Full Highlight Style from search results.
  3. You can exclude some post or page IDs from search results.

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