Embed Any Reddit Discussion Inside Your WordPress Post

Sometimes when you or someone else submits your article to Reddit, the discussion goes on and one and the link gets more Reddit comments than comments on main article’s page on your website.

In this lesson you will learn how to easily embed any Reddit discussion in your WordPress site so that your users would be able to join Reddit conversations directly from your WordPress site. 

ReddiComments is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a shortcode to embed any Reddit discussion with all comments inside your post or post type content.

Start by installing ‘ReddiComments’ plugin in WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, use [reddiComments link=”http://link_to_your_comment_page_on_reddit”shortcode replacing sample URL with URL or your reddit submission.

This will embed the conversation inside your post content. You can use this trick for popular Reddit submissions of your website.

ReddiComments 1

The link to the discussion on Reddit can also be enabled via Settings -> General -> ReddiComments Settings section.

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