Selectively Disable Comments On Per User Basis In WordPress

You can selectively disable comments on per user basis in WordPress. It means when editing any user, site admins can enable or disable the display of post comments on website. 

Comment Controller is the new WordPress plugin by Dan Griffiths. It lets you disable output of the comment field and all existing comments on per user basis.

Start by installing and activating Comment Controller plugin in your website.

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Users -> All Users page and open any user for editing.

Disable Comments 1

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick ‘Disable Comments’ checkbox. That’s it. Coming updates of the plugin will also allow site admins to selectively disable comments per-user, per-post-type or per-role as well.

For advanced options you may go for Advanced Comment Control plugin. It allows you to:

  • Disable comments on select post types older than a certain date.
  • Disable comments on select post types with more than a set number of comments.
  • Set roles that can always comment on select post types.
  • Set roles that can never comment on select post types.
  • Set rules for logged in or logged out users.

Advanced Comment Control

Start by installing and activating Advanced Comment Control plugin. Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Comments -> Advanced Controls page to select your options.

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