Easily Disable WordPress Blogging Functionality

There are many people who come asking you for informative website. Informative Website, the term is now used for old days static websites, some Americans also call it as regular website having fixed static content. 

In this lesson we will show you how you can disable the blogging functionality of any WordPress site and make things more simple and easy for your client.

Turns WordPress to an informative website

Disable WordPress Blog is the new WordPress plugin which upon activation instantly disables and removes blogging functionality i.e. ‘Posts’ section.

Great functionality for programmers using WordPress to design static websites for their clients.

Easy to use, just install and activate it

Simply install and activate it on your WordPress site and you are done. Here is a list of changes this plugin makes upon activation:

  • Removes ‘Posts’ Admin Menu
  • Removes ‘post’ post type from most queries
  • Disables the Feed for Posts
  • Redirects ‘New Post’ and ‘Edit Post’ admin pages to ‘New Page’ and ‘Edit Page’ admin pages
  • Redirects ‘Comments’ admin page with query variable post_type=post to main comments page
  • Redirects Single Posts, Post Archives, Tag & Category archives to home page (the latter two are only redirected if ‘post’ post type is the only post type associated with it)
  • Filters out the ‘post’ post type from ‘Comments’ admin page
  • Removes Post from ‘+New’ admin bar menu
  • Removes post-related dashboard widgets
  • Hides number of posts and comment count on Activity dashboard widget
  • Removes ‘Writing’ Options from Settings Menu
  • Redirects ‘Writing’ Options to General Options
  • Hides ‘Posts’ options on ‘Menus’ admin page
  • Removes Post Related Widgets
  • Disables “Press This” functionality
  • Disables “Post By Email” functionality
  • Forces Reading Settings: show_on_front, pages_for_posts, and posts_on_front, if they are not already set
  • Hides other post-related reading options, except Search Engine visibility
  • Removes post from author archive query

Earlier we also discussed about removing WordPress theme and plugin installer.

You can revert back to blog anytime (without any data loss)

The very good thing is that this plugin will not delete any data like your existing posts, comments, categories and tags will stay in your database.

Hence, you can revert back to WordPress blog simply by deactivating it.

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