Complete WordPress News Manager Plugin By dFactory

News Manager is the brand new WordPress plugin by It not only adds a news post type but provides you many other features and customization options. The plugin lets you publish, manage and display news, manage date archives, quick AJAX Calendar, Categories, Tags and much more.

Install and activate News Manager plugin. After activation the plugin adds new admin menu ‘News‘ in WordPress admin area.

How To Publish & Manage News Articles ?

Its same as publishing a new blog post. For adding new news posts visit Dashboard -> News -> Add New page.

You can manage all your news articles from Dashboard -> News -> All News admin page.

Similarly you can manage news tags and categories from Dashboard -> News News Tags OR News Categories page.

You can manage all its options from Dashboard -> News -> Settings page.

Main Features:

  • User friendly
  • Integrates with any theme
  • Customizable permalink structure
  • Compatible with WPML, SEO plugins
  • Includes Taxonomies: News Categories & News Tags
  • Yearly, Monthly and Daily archives and Ajax News Calendar
  • Provides various custom functions and advanced hooks for developers
  • Custom permissions for News, You can set user role capabilities for posting news
  • 5 News widgets for displaying news calendar, showing a list of news, news categories & news tags

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