How To Use A Live News Ticker Inside WordPress Post Types ?

You can easily place am ajaxified live ticker inside any of your WordPress Post, Page and other Custom Post Types using a simple shortcode [ticker].

Installation & Usage

First install and activate the new Liveticker WordPress Plugin. Upon activation the plugin adds a new menu ‘Liveticker’ in your admin section Dashboard:

  1. Create an initial Ticker Post and allocate it to the initiated Ticker. Now publish the Ticker Post.
  2. Open a post, page, CPT or whatever where you want to place your Ticker.
  3. Use the shortcode [ticker slug] in the text. Remember to replace the word slug with your actual ticker slug from the initiated Ticker you created in earlier step. Save the post.
  4. Now you can create Ticker Posts just by clicking Add New in the Ticker Post-Section.

Screenshot showing tick edit screen:

Screenshot showing content edit with ticker shortcode inserted:

Screenshot showing frontend look with the standard-settings:

Using this new menu you can easily create and manage tickers, you can set ticker refresh interval time, use custom CSS and use own RSS-Feeds for each ticker you created, you can initiate unlimited tickers on your Posts; not in a single post, but in different posts.

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