Easily Dispay News Bulletin In A Lightbox Overlay In WordPress

WP News Bulletin allows you to publish news as a CPT and display them in a sliding sidebar widget, when a news headline is clicked it gets displayed in a lightbox overlay from where your users can read full news articles.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate WP News Bulletin plugin then follow the given steps:

How to display News articles ?

  1. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and drag its widget to your sidebar.
  2. Visit Dashboard ->News -> Settings page and select the number of blocks to display on slider, letters to display on a news block, enable or disable image on slider.
  3. Save your new settings.

Your website’s visitors can read full news in a popup box which gets displayed when any news headline is clicked inside the widget.

How to create and manage News articles ?

Creating News: Visit your admin area Dashboard -> News -> Add New admin page for creating new news articles.

Managing News Articles: Visit your admin area Dashboard -> News -> News page.

Alternatively, If you like displaying news on regular WordPress archive pages then use News CPT plugin about which we have already discussed here.

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