How To Resize (Enlarge Or Shrink) Images Online?

Easily resize any picture online. You can make images bigger or smaller maintaining their quality and then download the resized version to your local drive.

Many time you need resizing pictures to make them fit your webpage or you when want to send them over email without facing any crash or bounce because of too large image file or when you want to post it on some website that doesn’t accepts big image files or whatever.

Resize My Picture is a free web-service that allows you to re-size any image file online. You may either resize a single photo or upload and resize multiple photos at once.

It supports all popular image file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG and even GIF. You simply start by uploading your picture and then you can shrink or enlarge it by selecting your desired options.

After the file is re-sized, you can save it locally or post it to MySpace, Facebook profile etc.

How To Re-size A Picture?

Picture Resize 1

Visit this link here, click the ‘Choose File’ button and upload the image file from your local drive.

Picture Resize 3

You may select from predefined widths & heights or specify custom width & height. To maintain image ration, only enter a custom width and leave height field blank.

Picture Resize 4

The service also allows you to specify image quality. Lower image quality reduces the file size whereas high image quality is useful for enlarging small images.

Picture Resize 5

When you are done with options, click the “Click here to resize” button. Once the image is resized, you can save it to your device’s local drive.

Picture Resize 2

For re-sizing multiple images at once, click ‘Resize Multiple Photos’ button on step one and follow on-screen instructions.

Top 10 Popular Picture Resize Services

Apart from, there are various other image resizing services you can make use of:

  6.’s resize tool
  9.’s GIF resizer
  10. Resize Me! App (for Android Users)

How To Resize Animated GIF Files?

The first service we have discussed about (i.e. enables you to resize animated GIF image files too.

But if you need more advanced options then’s GIF resizer is another free service specially designed for resizing animated GIF files online.

GIF Resize

It provides you a range of advanced options like GIF maker, video to GIF converter, GIF cropper and GIF splitter etc. It also allows you to add effects to your GIF file like you can add text, color, set animation speed and more using this free web-service.

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