How To Batch Delete Spam Comments In WordPress?

Popular WordPress sites receive a large number of spam comments but most of them are stopped from getting published by plugins like Akismet and CAPTCHA. In this tutorial, we will show you how to quickly and easily batch delete spam comments in your WordPress site.

Now you must be thinking that why you should use this plugin when WordPress already provides you a spam delete option. Yes, you can use default WordPress feature for deleting spam comments, all you have to do is visit comments page and click the Empty Spam button for deleting all spam comments in bulk.

But the problem comes when you have hundreds or thousands of comments at once, as the action may take a very long time and also it could take down your web server. Here comes the use of Batch Comment Spam Deletion.

How To Batch Delete Spam Comments In WordPress?

It simply modifies the Empty Spam action in WordPress to process the spam deletion in batches instead of all at once. Enabling you to delete thousands or even hundreds of thousands of spam comments at once without killing your server.

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