Auto Delete Original Image Files To Lighten Your WordPress Site Load

Earlier we have discussed about deleting large image files after their thumbnails are generated in your WordPress site. Now today in this lesson you will learn about deleting original image files uploaded and keep only their custom size file used inside your post content.

You can set this to be done automatically on upload or do it in bulk for all images in your WordPress site.

The logic is , generally bloggers upload the original image files which is sometimes huge and hence their optimized version is used in content where as the original image file is never published. Hence, there is no need to keep it on your server. 

Delete Original Image is a WordPress plugin that allows you to delete original image files (to lighten up your server load) either at the time of uploading or you can perform this action in bulk.

Start by installing ‘Delete Original Image’ plugin in WordPress

Delete Original Images

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Delete Original Images and there is a checkbox option to enable/disable original image deletion automatically when you upload an image and/or do it in bulk for all previously uploaded images on your WordPress media library.

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