How To Remove Original Image After Resizing To Save Server Space In WordPress?

Removing all useless things and saving server space is very very important, it makes your website run fast, keeps your database light and quick and also your backups becomes light weight. After you upload any big image in your WordPress media library for using it inside your post content etc, BY DEFAULT WordPress doesn’t removes the unused original size image, thus every time increases some size of your site’s upload directory.

This tutorial is on new WordPress plugin called Original Image Handler. The plugin resizes big images to a smaller size and then removes the original image after resizing is done it to save your hosting/server space. Not only this much but also it convert BMP files to JPEG file formats to keep them light.

Install and activate Original Image Handler. After activation configure the settings from admin area Dashboard -> Media -> Image handler sub section. You can set your default values for the resize and image conversion to BMP. The minimum resize size is 16 pixels, both in width and height.

Also it shows you the information tab where you can view how much diskspace you saved after activating this plugin. See the following screenshot:

From the media upload page you can select if the original needs to be resized or not, this temporary overrides the default setting.

How to use this plugin for resizing images in bulk?

The plugin provides you an extra feature, bulk option on Media > Library page so that you can resize your images in bulk.

How to upload an image and keep original size?

You can keep some specific images size original, after uploading image from “Library -> Add New” there is an option that disables the resize for the time you are on the page.

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