How To Edit, Crop, Scale & Rotate Images In WordPress?

Very few WordPress users know that it allows you to edit your images like you can crop your image, you can flip them, scale them, rotate them and more without using any additional plugin. There are many plugins for cropping images but there’s no need as you can easily do basic cropping and scaling of images right from your media library image editor.

How To Crop Images While Uploading Them From New Post Page?

To start, first add a new image, you can upload new image on the post you are writing, simply click ‘Add Media’ button and upload an image. After the image is uploaded, click that small ‘Edit Image’ link and a new page will open up in a new tab.

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For Cropping the Image, simply click & drag the mouse pointer over the image and then click ‘Update’ button. For Scaling the Image, click the ‘Scale’ link and you can edit the dimensions of your image.

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