Beautiful Twitter Bootstrap Buttons You Can Use With Your WordPress Content

Few days back we discussed about a plugin that provides you with a number of Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes you can use inside your WordPress blog posts, pages and other custom post types. Now you also you know how to add Twitter Bootstrap CSS in your Post or Page Content, how to add Twitter Bootstrap Menus in WordPress, how to add Twitter Bootstrap Carousel and even Transforming WordPress Admin Area in Complete Twitter Bootstrap Style etc.

This tutorial is on another powerful and free WordPress plugin called Bootstrap Buttons which you can use for displaying beautiful Twitter Bootstrap Buttons easily by using a simple shortcode inside the content of your blog post, page or any other custom post type.

It provides you with a shortcode inserter button in your Visual Editor so that you can avoid copy-pasting shorcodes from somewhere else and at the same it provides you all options to select the style of button you are adding, see the given screenshot.Add Media

Bootstrap Buttons provides you with 3 different buttons sizes (Large, Small and Mini), 7 different button styles and colors (Default, Primary, Info, Success, Warning, Danger and Inverse) and 140 Icons in both Black and White versions. It provides you a total of 5091 variations to use and that’s pretty impressive

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