A Simple Attempt That Technically Increases Your Page Views In WordPress

Have you ever noticed why those websites ranking behind you are getting more page views and are making more money. There are many reasons, many website that post simple articles break them up into multiple pages with images showing next page link and in-post pagination.  

This way your users has to click next page link soon after reading one or two paragraphs. In this article we will be showing you a simple, easy and beautiful way to break up your articles (posts or pages) into multiple pages showing pagination.

Custom Nextpage 4

This is great feature for adding an easy navigation on those long-long articles and a shameless trick for technically increasing the pageviews on small blog posts.

That’s why many websites forces you to move to the next page soon after reading a paragraph.

Start by installing and activating Custom Nextpage in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Custom Next Page and select your style and customization options. Tick ‘Automatically replace the wp_link_pages.‘ and the plugin will automatically display pagination.

Now what all you have to do is use ‘Next Page’ shortcode in your articles

Custom Nextpage 1

It provides you a shortcode inserter like ‘Read More’ tag. Visit Posts -> Add New page and you will be noticing the plugin has added a new TinyMCE button on your visual editor.

Custom Nextpage 2

Use that button after one or multiple paragraphs or wherever you like breaking your articles to next page.

Custom Nextpage 3

As soon you click that TinyMCE button, it shows a popup thick box asking you to title your next page. Add a title (For Ex: ‘Next’ or ‘Continue to Next page’ etc) and then click ‘OK’ button to insert the next page shortcode.

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