Easily Encrypt WordPress Login And All Form Pages

It is always good to use some security than use no security. We have already discussed about the importance of SSL certificate in WordPress and now it is an official Google ranking factor. Today, a SANGKRIT.net user asked is there a way to secure the login and other similar pages with out SSL. 

Fortunately, there is a plugin called NoSSL – protect your website is the WordPress implementation of NoSSL. It has been made to encrypt sensitive information on WordPress login and contact forms, it simply secures that information as it travels from the client’s browser to the web server.

Simply install and activate it in your WordPress site and that’s it.

Remember: While NoSSL is not a replacement for SSL-certificates but some security is better than using no security at all.

SSL certificates can easily be subscribed at System at SANGKRIT.net. Simply subscribe the certificate and the system will help you to set it up working on your website.

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