Easily Add Page Breaks In Your WordPress Posts

You can now easily add pagination in your single posts, pages and other custom post types. This not only enables you to write long articles in a better layout but also increases the page views , boosts revenue and in this way you can also increase focus on your advertisements. 

Page Break is the new WordPress plugin that activates a new TinyMCE button in your visual editor which when clicked inserts the page break shortcode inside your post content.

Start by installing Page Break plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page or open any old post or page or any custom post type to edit.

You will be noticing a new TinyMCE button (first row’s last button) on the your visual editor.

Page Break 1

Simply place the cursor where you like inserting the first page number and then click that ‘Page Break’ icon.

Now again place the cursor where you like inserting the second page number and click that icon again.

Page Break 2

You can insert page numbers anywhere you want in your post content. And then finally, update the post.

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