How To Get Back Deleted Content Of Your Website Using Google Cache ?

If you have accidently lost your website’s content and you don’t have any backup of your blog posts, pages and other content types then in that case you can get most of your website content back by downloading it from Google Cache.

Step-1 So first of all open any of your social profile like Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc where you are more regular in sharing your website content.

Step-2 Now scroll down to Date from where you have lost your content.

Step-3 Copy your blog post title. (you can use any other method for getting your content title)

Step-4 Now open Google.Com and type your post title and search it internally in your website . For example type following in Google Search Box:

site:your website.COM YourBlogPostTitle

Google Cached Page

Step-5 Now see the matching result then click the left direction arrow on most appropriate result (single post page) and click Cached button

Step-6 It takes you its cache page which  is a snapshot of the page taken by Google when your site was alive. Simply copy all the content, title, date and use it.

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