Easily Display Your Ranker.Com Lists In WordPress Using A Handy Shortcode Generator

Ranker.Com is an online platform for creating and publishing lists about any topic, anyone can start up creating his lists. Here we are discussing how you can publish Ranker.com’s lists in your WordPress blog posts.

Ranker List Widget is new WordPress plugin by Paulranker. Using it you can easily add Ranker.com list with your posts using a simple handy shortcode generator, you can setup default colors, fonts and layout. Install and activate it. Visit Dashboard -> Settings-> Ranker Options. You will fine two sections in Ranker Settings page, first one is Options and second one is Shortcodes.

Under Options section you can customize list’s Dimensions, Colors, Fonts including Number of Rows at a time, Display Username Yes/No, Display link to list on Ranker check box.

Under the Shotcodes section you have to paste Ranker List URL for generating its shortcode, click Create button and then copy-paste the shortcode for displaying list with your content.

You can use multiple shortcodes in one post but remember everytime after changing default width, number of rows or username, you will need to re-generate all used shortcodes. View FAQs.

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