Now Display WordPress Posts On Theme Active During Their Publication

Pascal Birchler has designed an awesome WordPress addon that allows you to keep your old themes active on old posts of your website in order to maintain the perfect design and layout of posts.

For instance: When you activate a new theme, you loose the perfect layout of some older post like your loose image size, content alignment etc which was designed to perfectly match your old WordPress theme. 

In this lesson we will show you how you can activate the new theme and at the same time keep your old theme activated and working for old days posts.

Keep My Theme is a WordPress plugin designed to detect theme changes on your WordPress site and always display your single posts with the theme active at the time of publication.

Start by installing Keep My Theme plugin in WordPress

Upon activation the plugin starts detecting theme changes on your website. Of course, your older theme needs to be installed on your WordPress site in order to Keep My Theme plugin to work.

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