Redirect All Unattached Images To Homepage In WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about finding and deleting all unattached media files like photos and videos etc in WordPress. An unattached media file is one which is uploaded but not used inside your content.

The default behavior of WordPress generates attachment pages for images uploaded in your media library. This is useful but sometimes can cause problems. Attachment pages are also created for unattached media files and have no pretty permalink structure which is not good for SEO reasons and is not useful for anyone. 

Redirect Unattached Images is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to redirect such attachment pages of unattached images to your website’s homepage.

Start by installing ‘Redirect Unattached Images’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin works and takes all unattached images and safely redirects them to home using a 301 redirect.

The plugin also works on WordPress multisite networks and then it redirects unattached images to current site’s homepage. The plugin has no options or settings, simply install-activate to better your SEO removing unwanted and useless image pages from your website.

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