Redirect Your WordPress Site Visitors To Domain Intended For Their Country

You can easily redirect your main website domain based on county. You can set up your WordPress installation to automatically catch the IP address of the system, identify the country and then redirect your main website address to the domain intended for that country.

For instance: You must have noticed various website like Google, Amazon etc redirecting you to your country’s specific domain at the time you try to access their main website. 

This can easily be done via WP Domain Redirect plugin. The plugin allows you to specify countries for the domains you have registered on your website. The plugin also works for subdomains.

Start by installing ‘WP Domain Redirect’ plugin in WordPress

WP Domain Redirect 1 WP Domain Redirect 2

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard WP Domain Redirect -> Add Domain page, add your domain names and specify country for each domain.

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